Bilal Philips EXPOSED (Audio Lesson)



This is a lesson dedicated to the refutation of Bilal Philips, who claims that Allah is a giant body that lives above our heads.  Allah is the Creator of space and direction.  Allah existed before space and direction and does not occupy space or direction.


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9 Responses to “Bilal Philips EXPOSED (Audio Lesson)”

  1. UmmMohebyAlIslam Says:

    Bilal Phillip exposed!!!!!

    So, as a new shahadah if I was reading this. Should I “expose” my brothers and sisters?

    It’s just so unsettling to me how Muslims seem out to get each other. “Exposed, and Liar, and Fraud” Whey! Alhamdullilah, I took my shahadah by reading and not most blogs from Muslims.

    Who is sinless, without fault? Is this the way to handle a brother who might have been wrong but with good intentions?

    What you did in high school can I hold it against you today? What if what you did in high school was done with your best intentions? Should I “expose” you now as a grown man?

    hahaha! Muslims are funny and sad at the same time.

  2. Swarth Moor Says:

    Umm Moheby,

    The issue is that there are certain matters that one is required to believe in order to be a Muslim. If a person prays to a giant imaginary body with a smiling face, hands, fingers, a tibia and a pair of really big feet, then that person does not have the belief of the Muslims–therefore, he is not a Muslim. We all need to be sincere and seek the correct understanding of the Religion–especially, in matters of the Creed.

    It is part of the Religion of Islam to order the good and forbid the evil. We speak out against people who call others to misguidance (such as, those who call people to worship the creations). If we are silent, then other people may adopt these deviant/blasphemous positions without even know that they are believing in blasphemy. Also, this error of Bilal Philips isn’t like a minor fault, or a slip into a personal sin, but he, Bilal Philips, is one who OPENLY CALLS PEOPLE TO DISBELIEF AND MISGUIDANCE of Wahhabism (in addition to his anthropomorphism, he also claims, for instance, that suicide bombings are legitimate). Again, we all must be sincere and seek to get to the bottom of matters regarding who is who and what is what.

    With Allah is the success.

  3. Challenge ! Says:

    I challenge you to quote Bilal Philips where he explicitly states

    ” a giant imaginary body with a smiling face, hands, fingers, a tibia and a pair of really big feet, ”

    I bet you can’t ?

  4. swarthmoor Says:


    That’s not a very difficult thing to do. Billy Philips is a member of the Wahhabi cult. The Wahhabis are literalists/anthropomorphists. The Wahhabi cult teaches that Allah has literal organs, limbs, and appendages–the Wahhabi cult sometimes disagree about whether or not Allah has an (alleged) head–but they certainly ascribe a face to Allah. Let’s look at the vile Wahhabi beliefs from the book of Uthaimeen that he calls, “Sufficiency in the Creed” (Uthaimeen is a leader among the Wahhabi cult–the cult Billy Philips belongs to):

    Page 52-53: the Wahhabi author claims that Allah has a pair of hands.

    page 59: the Wahhabi author says Allah laughs.

    page 65: the Wahhabi author claims the Kursiyy is a place for Allah’s (alleged) feet

    In another book of Uthaimeen (The (alleged) Muslim’s Belief, page 11) he says:

    “Allah is SITTING IN PERSON on the Throne.”

    This is the typical Wahhabi rhetoric–which Billy Philips ascibes to. As for Bill Philips, he says:

    That Allah is located (literally) above the creation. (p. 129, from the book he–wrongly–calls the Fundamentals of Tawheed). In the book (called) Sharh Al-`Aqeedat-il-Wasitiyah (by the grandfather of the Wahhabi anthropomorphists, Ahmad Ibn Taymiyyah), a book recognized by all the Wahhabis as a source for their anthropomorphic doctrines, it says:

    page 76: Allah has a face and eyes (and hands).

    page 117: The uncreated Kalaam (Eternal Communication of Allah) is with voice and syllables (obviously, something eternal cannot be composed of something created–just another example of the absurdities taught by the Wahhabi cult)

    page 135: claims that Allah has a foot (although some Wahhabis claim Allah has a pair of feet) and a step.

    The belief of the Muslims is that the Creator of time and place is not in time or place; hence, Allah is NOT attributed with motion (or stillness) or the occupation of space. Allah is Eternal and does not change. Ergo, Allah does not shrink and descend from the Ceiling of Paradise and squeeze Himself into the First Heaven with the Angels numerous times in every 24 hour period. Allah exists without being in place or direction, for Allah was and place and direction were not. Allah is Perfect and does not transform. This is the belief of the Muslims. And the belief that Allah has literal organs, limbs, and appendages is the belief of the anthropomophists, and the anthropomorphists are kuffaar, as the great Sunni and Salaf scholar Abu Ja`far At-Tahawi said:

    “Whoever ascribes to Allah a human characteristic is a disbeliever.”

    With Allah is the success.

  5. PakistaniMD Says:

    Uh… you still have not answered the question by “Challenge !” If you van find a quote of Bilal Phillips saying that Allah (swt) lives “above us”, than ill gladly agree with your response. (Note, im not a salafi, so I have no “affiliation” reason for wanting to refute your argument)

  6. swarthmoor Says:

    Pakistani MD,

    Here is a quote from his book wrongly entitled, The Fundamentals of Taweed on page 129 where he attempts to give a “logical proof” that Allah is literally above us:

    “God must therefore be above His creation and distinct from it.”

    And it is clear from what he has said for several pages in the book that he is talking about “aboveness” of direction and not of status.

    This claim goes explicitly the saying of At-Tahawi in his `Aqidah of the Sunnis:

    “Allah is supremely clear of all boundaries, extremities, sides, organs, devices, and appendages. NONE OF THE SIX DIRECTIONS contain Allah, as is the case with all the created things.”

    I hope this clarifies this issue.

    • Nabeel Says:

      I think many refutations made are baseless, and is a matter of misinterpretations. People see things in the way they want to at times.
      ““God must therefore be above His creation and distinct from it.” in no way can be interpreted by a Muslim as meaning the position of Allah. You need to state clearly what those others pages in the book state, and in context.

  7. UmmKhawla Says:

    Bilal, not “Billy” Philips, gives proofs from the Qur’an, so did Sheikh Ibn Uthaimeen and Sheikh Islam ibn Taymiyyah – as is the methodology of our pious predecessors. Ergo, they are not saying things out of their own desire. They take Allah’s words and authentic narrations of the Prophet and they derive the teachings from that.

    When you say that At-tahawi says such and such, would you be able to bring forward the proof of At-Tahawi from the Qur’an and authentic ahadeeth to support what he claims?

    Alhamdulillah. I did not come across your arguments when I and my husband were looking into Islam – or we probably would not even consider it. We were Catholics. With what you are saying, it has loads of similarity to what were taught in our catechism.

    Alhamdulillah, Islam – as brought and taught by Muhammad salallah alayhi wa salam, is a religion of proof.

  8. Nabeel Says:

    wow, I find this discussion very interesting, because i am doing a online course with Sh Bilaal. In the course he wrote :“There is nothing like him.”
    This verse clearly underscores the fact that Allaah’s attributes are different from those of men. When this fact is overlooked, however, a strictly literal interpretation of the verse will results in the denial of God’s very existence. For Allaah describes Himself as living and man lives; therefore, according to this “rationalist” argument, God neither lives nor exists.In fact, the similarity between God’s attributes and those of mankind is in name only and not in degree. When attributes are used in reference to God, they are to be taken in the absolute sense, free from human deficiencies.

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