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Summary of Islamic Knowledge Lesson 5

December 13, 2008

summary-lesson-5   (AUDIO)

This is another full length lesson regarding the matters of the Islamic Creed.


At-Tahawi vs. The Apologists 2

December 2, 2008


More on the refutation of the so-called “Modernist Muslims.”

At-Tahawi vs. The Apologists 3 (AUDIO)

December 2, 2008


Part Three of the refutation of the quasi-Muslim Apologists.

At-Tahawi (Ibrahim Khaleel of Allah)

December 2, 2008



Explanation of the meaning of the phrase the “Khalil of Allah.”

At-Tahawiyy vs. The Apologists (AUDIO)

December 2, 2008



A lesson from At-Tahawiyy and a refutation of the Quasi-Islamic Apologists.

Bilal Philips EXPOSED (Audio Lesson)

December 2, 2008



This is a lesson dedicated to the refutation of Bilal Philips, who claims that Allah is a giant body that lives above our heads.  Allah is the Creator of space and direction.  Allah existed before space and direction and does not occupy space or direction.

At-Tahawi and Predestination

December 2, 2008



Another lesson from the famous Sunni Salaf scholar, Abu Ja`far At-Tahawiyy on the Islamic Creed.

At-Tahawi 25 A Lesson on the `Arsh and Kursiyy

December 2, 2008



A lesson from At-Tahawi regarding the `Arsh and Kursiyy and a clarification regarding those who believe Allah exists above or upon these objects.

At-Tahawi 24 (The Matter of Destiny)

December 2, 2008



This lesson is a continuation about the matters pertaining to Fate/Destiny (Qadar).