At-Tahawi #18 Explanation of Aal `Imraan, 7 AUDIO (continued)

This is a continuation of Lesson #17 and a refutation of those who distort the Verses of the Quran and Hadith.


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3 Responses to “At-Tahawi #18 Explanation of Aal `Imraan, 7 AUDIO (continued)”

  1. Jason Says:

    As-salaamu alaykum Swarthmoor,

    Jazakallah for your informative blog.

    Do you have the mp3 link for the #18 Audio? I cannot seem to find it on the page.

    Also, do you have links to the #1 and #2 audios?


  2. jay Says:

    swathmoor, are you willing to do personal study sessions

  3. jay Says:

    i am looking for the correct practise

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